Affiliate Program

You too can make extra money referring your friends to Ayekoo!

Whether you are a WEBSITE OWNER or SOCIAL MEDIA USER, our WEB BANNERS and SHARE LINKS will fetch you valuable Reward Points which are redeemable for cash.

For Website Owners

Click a banner size below and embed the generated code next to it in your web pages.

For Social Media Users

1. Copy and paste the link below on your preferred social media platform

2. Click any of the social media icons below to share the link above on that platform.

Reward Points

1. Earn 1 reward point on each referral

2. Earn 3 reward points if your referral plays

3. Earn 10 reward points if your referral wins


1. Activate your program by playing Level 4 at least once

2. A person can only be referred once per event

3. You cannot refer yourself

Pay Out

On the 15th day of [ March, July and November ] each year, all accumulated Reward Points are converted to cash at a value determined by Ayekoo Dot Com and distributed to all beneficiaries proportionally.

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